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Dear visitor,
Welcome to Boston United F.C.

Boston United F.C Staff

Mr. Saihou Jallow - Chairman

Mr. Sheikh Omar F. Jobe - V. Chairman

Mr. Alieu Ceesay - Secretary

Mr. Adama Sowe - Trasurer

The following events were held in The Gambia.
These were the team's great moment since the team was formed in 25/03/1996.
16th April 1996: The team first times to enter the Nawettan League and took third position.

2nd June 1996: This was also a very delighted moment for the team, we won the G.F.A cup and the team was recommended by the whole town.

Through out the year 1997,98,99,2000,2001,2002, until the year 2003 the team performances is getting higher and higher, and all the teams respect the club for its good performances in football.

Boston United F.C Footballers Name's

1. Alpha Cham - Goal Keeper

2. Adama Saho - Defender

3. Ebrima Sonko - Defender

4. Ebou Jarju - Defender

5. Gastom Jatta - Defender

6. Bubacarr Jallow -  Mid fielder

7. Lukas Jatta - Winger

8. Omar Jargum - Mid fielfer

9. Muhammed Jargum - Striker

10. Musa Kujabi - Striker

11. Alhajie F. kujabi - Winger


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Welcome to the SunShine Coast( The Gambia)
The Gambia is a country situated in West Africa, It have a very nice and warm climatical condition.
It dry season start at October to May and it wet season start at May to October.
If you requires more information regarding how to travel to the Gambia for a holiday, please do not hesistate to contact me.
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Tel: (00220) 391315.
Looking forward to see you in the Gambia soonest.
Thank you.

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